How it Works

Have you ever wondered how you can go from a home idea to a home reality? How It Works below will explain the construction process from start to finish.

1. Home & Site Selection

Which comes first – the home or site? It doesn’t matter which one is first, however the two must fit together. Here are some basic concepts to consider when selecting each:

  • Home Selection
    • Home Type: Do you want a one level, master on the main or two level home?
    • Foundation Type: Do you want a slab, crawl space, or basement foundation?
    • Plan Selection: You can either select a plan from an online company, choose one of our plans from our plan room or we can custom design a plan for you. Modifications can, and most often do, occur with any plan selected.
  • Site Selection
    • Location: Do you want to be in a subdivision or outside of a subdivision? If you select a subdivision, please remember to look at the restrictions as they will outline the parameters in which the home must be built. The restrictions often impact the cost to build a home in the area.
    • Site Infrastructure: Site Infrastructure is typically readily available in most subdivision scenarios. However, if you select land outside of a subdivision consideration for access to the following amenities will need to be made:
      • City Water/Well
      • City Sewer/Septic
      • Natural Gas/Propane Gas
      • Cable
      • Phone
      • Driveway
2. Construction Financing

All projects are financed by either the client or Sentinel Builders. Every project is different. However, whoever owns the site property will be the one providing the construction financing.

  • Client Financing: The client will provide the construction financing for projects on property that is owned by the client. Monthly progress bills will be submitted for payment with the final payment due at closing.
  • Contractor Financing: Sentinel Builders will provide financing for property that is owned by us. Once the property has been improved with the home, the property is sold to the client. The balance of the project is due at closing less the earnest money and any money paid to Sentinel during the construction process.
3. Estimate

Once a home and site have been selected, the next step is to know the price of the project. The price of a home is based on a set of specifications that will be outlined in a proposal. The specifications are all the items that are included in the home and it defines how the house will be built.

4. Project

Once a final site, home, proposal, and price have been determined and agreed upon, the client and Sentinel Builders will enter into an agreement to start the project. When the project begins the specifications and selections will be finalized for the construction of the home.

Building a home can be an exciting process! Sentinel Builders is happy to guide you through each decision to ensure you build the best home for you.