Project Crawl Space

Sentinel Builders, Knoxville TN
Creating an encapsulated crawl space is a newer technology that greatly improves the air quality in your home, eliminates costly structure problems and eliminates the environment in which mold, fungus, bacteria and insects thrive. All of these issues are the symptoms of one problem – moisture. An encapsulated crawl space is a popular choice for many homeowners who are looking to prevent issues from occurring.

As Knoxville’s and East Tennessee’s certified DrySpace™ vapor barrier installer, Sentinel Builders, will install the DrySpace™ polyethylene moisture barrier that will keep the moisture out, improve the air quality in your home and protect the vital crawlspace structure. The DrySpace™ system has a 25 yr warranty on all of its products. The encapsulation process addresses all of the problems associated with a crawl space allowing these problems to be a thing of the past. The positive side effects of encapsulation will leave your home healthy, efficient and more comfortable.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an inspection of your crawl space.